Splat Planet is an independent and family run business.

You may have seen us appear on the BBC’s The Customer is Always Right recently in which we were delighted to win first place! If you did catch the episode, you will already know a bit about us.

If you have not seen the episode and want to meet myself and my puppy Penelope you can watch it here. 

My parents and I have been working together in the children’s gift and crafts market for a number of years. I originally created our most popular product, the ‘Splat Shirt’ to support my sister and the work she does with children and young adults with autism.

What is the Splat Shirt?

The Splat Shirt is a t-shirt comes that comes in a range of designs with a set of ten pens for children to colour in and make their own art to wear. Once they’ve finished, simply pop it in the washing machine and the colour disappears like magic, ready to be coloured over and over again!

It was not long after starting this project that I realised the t-shirts actually appeal to all children and are a great way for parents to keep their little ones entertained in a fun and creative way which doesn’t resort to using technology all the time! Even better, as the t-shirts can be coloured over and over again, they are a great, sustainable and environmentally-friendly gift for kids.

We spent a long time researching and refining our t-shirts, finding the best quality items at the best possible price for our customers, working on lots of different designs to appeal to different interests. Since launching, we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response and have started selling in a number of high street shops.

We’re now working on expanding our range and have added the Splat Mat version for younger kids to colour, our glow in the dark interactive Splat Board and a funny meme baby and clothing range.

Check out our pages to see the full list of products. If you have any questions, hopefully our FAQs will be able to help, but if not, drop me an email at info@splatplanet.com.

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